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Changing non vented gas fireplace to a vented

I have a non vented fireplace that I'm wanting to put in our new home. My problem is my husband does not want ventless! We have a chimney so it could be vented. Is it possible to make changes to the non vented fireplace to make it vented? Thank you

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Posted 2012-10-07T21:42:29+0000  by GrandmaJoyce GrandmaJoyce

HI Grandma_Joyce,


Your best resource to this question would be the manufacturer of the unit you own. In all honesty I think it would  probably be less expensive to buy a vented or direct vent unit than to try to convert a non-vented model. Again your best bet is to contact the manufacturer of the unit.


On the side note… vented fireplaces typically require a double wall exhaust pipes...they use inner pipe to exhaust an outer to bring in the intake -combustion air to the unit. Your existing chimney may need to be re-lined with the b-vent or double wall pipe in order for vented model to be installed.

 b vent.jpg

Some people are more sensitive to non-vented fireplaces than others... non-vented fireplaces “vent" to the interior of the house releasing fumes and very small amounts of carbon monoxide... in defense of your husband :smileywink:


If your house is what we call in trades "tight house" (well insulated) you may want to consider keeping a near window open an inch or two or cutting in a permanent louver in the outside wall of your house.


Hope this helps,







Posted 2012-10-08T15:24:40+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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