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Chaning deadbolts--Advice needed



My mother is trying to replace some old, defective deadbolts in her house. These are Q-See fingerprint/biometric deadbolts, so not your everyday bolts. She has bought simplikey deadbolts which sort of similar type deadbolts.


However, when my brother and I removed the Q-see deadbolt from the door and held up the new deadbolt, it was apparent that we would need to cut some of the wood out of the door to get the diameter right for the new deadbolt AND in addition, that the new deadbolt is shorter in length than the Q-see lock, and so there is a gap of open air that would be there if we placed the new deadbolt in.


What we wanted some on advice on is this: is this something we should even attempt ourselves? Is it worth cutting the door and also getting a piece of wood to put into the gap, or does this seem like too much work?


We are looking to replace 3 sets of deadbolts in the home, so any advice or thoughts would be appreciated!





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Posted 2013-03-03T15:34:44+0000  by tadiggs1 tadiggs1

Hi T.A.


I have not yet installed a fingerprint/biometric locks but I have replaced some high security commercial locks.


I’m assuming this is a mortise type of lock…in other words a lock that is installed in a pocket (mortise) that is cut into the side of the door..vs. the standard lock which only requires a round bore(hole).


In order to install a Simplicikey type of lock you would need to reposition and expand the existing hole that’s in on the face of the door and plug in the mortise slot on the side of the door…correct?


You should be able to conceal the existing mortise cutouts using one of these Door Guards.








However, esthetically I think you’re better of replacing the existing locks with the same type of the lock….


If for some reason you’re not satisfied with the existing brand you may be able to replace it or do a minimum altering to a door if you were to replace it with Schlage AD series of commercial locks.


You may want to confirm compatibility and mortise dimensions with Schlage prior to purchasing.


Their commercial customer service number is 877.671.7011


Hope this helps and please do not hesitate to post back with any additional questions you may have.



Posted 2013-03-05T16:15:47+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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