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Chef's Table

I recently moved to a very small cottage near my parents home. It has an extremely small kitchen space and my wife and I are both unemployed and looking for work. My question is how can I build a chef's table that would be less expensive than say one I would be able to buy for less than 100 bucks? If anyone can help me with plans, or building material lists or pictures of ones they might have built, I would be EXTREMELY grateful!


S. Grant Hardin

Marlin TX

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Posted 2013-11-19T23:35:49+0000  by hardinshannon hardinshannon

Greetings hardinshannon,


I have a suggestion for your chefs table!


Why not use a slab door for your table top, we carry them in-store, stop by your local Home Depot and check out the selection for fewer than fifty dollars!


                                                                       hollow door.png

How about having 4x4 pine post cut to height that you want; attach them to the (slab door) top, using mending plates, screw them at the corners to the doors edge!


If space is very limited try hinging the door to the wall, hinge the legs also so that it can fold down!


Use a food quality sealer for a finish top coat, it should take less than a quart to finish both top and bottom  for at the least…. two coats!


Will this be used for a prep table as well as dinning?


I hope this idea helps you……. stop by the millwork desk at your local Home Depot when you are there checking out the doors….ask one of the millwork specialist for some suggestion too!


I am a garden specialist with the Home Depot on-line community, I saw your question and thought I throw the suggestion your way…some of the slab doors have beautiful grain lines!


I believe this project can be totally done for less than 100.00 dollars! 


Good luck and take some pictures, I would love to see what you come up with!    Maureen


Posted 2013-11-26T18:44:39+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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