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Choosing A Laser Level For Your Project

The advent of laser levels and measuring equipment has revolutionized DIY, before laser levels, old school methods and measuring equipment requirements put many projects outside the scope of most homeowners. Today almost any job can be a DIY project thanks to laser technology.


Let’s Look at the Types of Laser Levels Available:


Plumb or Dot Lasers


Plumb or dot lasers project a dot on the opposing surface, these are used when you want something plumb or level but do not need a line. They are useful for marking and measuring and allow you to find the center point of a wall or ceiling for wall layout or the installation of light fixtures, windows or skylights.


Line Laser Levels

Line laser levels are primarily for interior work on wall and ceilings; they produce a cross hair line, which make aligning adjoining materials easier. The lines can be crosshair, singles lines or a combination of both. Line lasers are useful for laying tiles, hanging curtains and pictures, installing cabinets, building fences and even for painting walls.


Rotary Laser Levels

Rotary laser levels produce a 360-degree line around the workspace; these can be horizontal, vertical or both. This makes installing cabinets, windows or doors, wainscoting, wallpaper and chair rail. These require the use of a tripod to position the laser level at the necessary height for the project. With the use of a laser detector, rotary lasers are great for establishing elevations for construction projects, setting site markings and property boundaries’. They also can be used for setting foundation batter boards.


Tile Laser Levels

 Tile laser levels provide two perpendicular lines for tile and flooring installation, checking and leveling subfloors and assuring proper tile alignment.


Laser T-Square

 Laser T-Squares allow the cutting of plywood and drywall without the use of a straight edge or marking lines. The laser T-square clamps onto the edge of the material projecting a laser cut line, which allow quick easy and accurate cuts.


Torpedo Laser Level

For simple project and tight confines a torpedo laser levels give you 3-point alignment for plumb, level and square projection in a small easy to use package. Use it inside cabinets, closets and under eaves where space is limited and portability is critical. Makes installing gutters down spouts and exterior trim a breeze.


Laser tools have revolutionized the construction industry and make creating and building projects faster, easier and more accurate. For more info on laser levels and laser measuring devices visit homedepot .com or your local Home Depot store.


Mike, The Home Depot Answer Man

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Posted 2017-12-19T02:22:39+0000  by Mike_HD_OC Mike_HD_OC

I appreciate you taking the time to write this article. The description and use for each type of laser level will certainly come in handy. Thank you.

Jeremy Krier
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Posted 2018-01-14T03:37:59+0000  by Mailbox Remedies
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