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Choosing a new stove

I'm kind of confused. I am purchasing a new home, and I need to buy a stove, but I'm unsure of a couple things. 

I measured the opening, in between the existing cabinets... it is 30". 

I was just wondering if I have to purchase a "slide in" or can I buy a "freestanding" stove?

The freestanding stove I'd like to buy says the width is 29 7/8"... Will it fit into the 30" opening?

I'm also wondering... Should I have measured the cabinet height to make sure the stove I purchase is the

right height too?



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Posted 2011-02-26T15:51:05+0000  by julesybugs julesybugs

Hi Julesybugs, this is Mike The Home Depot Answer Man


Congratulations on your new home purchase.


Kitchen cabinets are typically built to standard dimensions. The counter top height is 36 inches and the depth is 24 inches. The range opening is usually 30 inches.


 In your case, you may purchase a 30 inch freestanding or a drop in range and both will fit the opening. The appliance manufactures design ranges to fit the standard height of kitchen cabinets.


A drop in model will require support slats on both sides of the opening. The manufactures installation instructions will specify the slat dimensions.


So you will have no problem with the dimensions. Drop by your local Home Depot and check out the range selection.


Enjoy your new home!



Posted 2011-02-28T18:30:43+0000  by Mike_HD_OC

Hey there Julesybugs, I wanted to drop in with some info regarding slide in verses freestaning ranges. Mike is right on when he says that any standard rage will fit your opening. Freestanding ranges have a integral backsplash (usually oven controlls and cooktop controlls will be located here). Slide in ranges on the other hand do not have a backsplash built into the range so the oven and burner controlls are on the front of the unit. Most slide in ranges also feature 'wings' on either side which slide over the countertop for a more built in look. Slide in's are nice in island installations or in cases where the customer would like a decorative backsplash to go uninturrupted. 



Slide in range:



Freestanding range:


I hope this helps! 



Posted 2011-02-28T20:12:37+0000  by BlakeTheDiyGuy

Hello Julysbug,

 You did not say if this is a gas or electric stove you needing to purchase.

 If it is gas be sure to get one that can be converted from natural gas to propane or vice versa. This is a great selling point if you decide to get a different a few years down the road .  Being only one or the other limits the people that can purchase it.

 If you are getting an electric stove ,then check the breaker and the wiring to be sure it is the correct size. I have seen people do away with the circuit  and leave the wires,or they use it for something else and I have seen them take it and add other items to it such as a dryer an air compressor  or even several little items. With these in use then you can't use the stove. If using the stove can't use the dryer or etc.

 You need to be sure that the wiring and breaker will carry the size stove you are buying . Just because it is there does not mean it is the correct size or put in correctly

 Some homes do or did not come pre wired so here comes a couple wanting one and the good husband and his buddy put something in. Yes,it works but there are constantly haveing to reset the breaker ,or the wife can only use one or two burners at a time or just the oven and no burners.

 This is not to scare you it is only to give you info to look after to make your home safer and happier so hope this helps


Posted 2011-02-28T20:17:57+0000  by Doc1
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