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Christmas Ornament Frames

My Ornament Frame


As soon as I saw the commercial I knew I had to make one. My father and I made it out of 1x2's which he routered by hand. I got the ornaments and screw eye hooks from Walmart. I love DIY projects!!! :)

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Posted 2011-11-20T05:45:06+0000  by DanielleS DanielleS

Hello Kayla4484,


Welcome to the community.


Great job! That turned out really good.


Thanks for sharing your project with the community.  

Best Answer

Posted 2011-12-21T23:24:55+0000  by Christine_HD_OC

Loved this idea the moment I saw it.  My husband and I made it out of 1x4s.  Took more time for the paint to dry than to make the frame.  Really enjoyed how creative I could get with the ornaments. 


Total size is 41/2 ft x 3 ft.  Hangs on a large wall in our dining room.

Campbell Ornament Frame

Posted 2011-11-26T15:04:52+0000  by marchisours

Wow!!  Danielle and Marchisours those are amazing. You guys did a great job.


My favorite color is blue so I love Daniells's but I really love all of the different ornaments that Marchisours used. They both look really awesome. :smileyvery-happy: 


Hey Danielle are those push lights on the side and top? I installed battery operated slim line fluorescent lights at the top and bottom of mine. It really makes it shine.:smileysurprised:


Thanks for sharing your great ornament hangers I really love seeing our members projects.

Posted 2011-11-30T17:33:01+0000  by Christine_HD_OC

I love your ornament frame  project!!   I would love to know how the ornament chandelier project was made?  is there something I need to purchase to hang the wires from the ceiling?

Thanks for your help.


Posted 2011-12-03T14:56:54+0000  by kathihuffman

Hello Kathihuffman,


Welcome to the community.


Matter a fact there is a great post done by Ask Mr Jay on the Christmas Ornament Tree Project. There have been a few members that have already built their own and post some pictures. They all look really great.


Just click on the link above and it will take you right to the post.


Have fun and post some pictures of your ornament tree once you get it done. :smileyhappy:


Thanks again for joining the community.

Posted 2011-12-07T16:06:21+0000  by Christine_HD_OC



I DID IT!!!!!  I saw this on the commercial and HAD to make it.  I looked everywhere I could think of for an old wooden window frame but came up with nothing, so I made my own.  It was fun and frustrating but the end result was well worth it.

Posted 2011-12-21T19:16:24+0000  by kayla4484
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