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Chroma Key Green -- Flat latex paint

I doubt this has already been asked, but I was wondering if it would be possible to bring in a sample of green to mix up a green screen paint. It would need to be flat, and preferably latex. I was also wondering how much a gallon of it would cost to make. I've seen green screen pait sold on specialty chroma key product websites, but they wanted nearly $60 for a gallon, plus there would be shipping costs. I was thinking that I could get it for less at my local Home Depot, but looking online, I can't seem to find the right color green. I would be greatful if you could help me out.

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Posted 2012-08-11T21:41:58+0000  by ChuckMeIntoHell ChuckMeIntoHell




OK, I might be a little over my head on this one as  I am not aware if Chroma Green has special qualities that "normal" paint does not. I am but a humble retired painting contractor, not a scientist of spectrum physics :) However, certainly the normal spectrum of colors can be analyzed by out computerized equipment which will generate an accurate formula to be reproduced in a variety of paints. Flat interior house paints generally cost less than those with higher sheens. Depending on quality and manufacturer, they range from the low to high $20's.  there is no additional charge for this service or for mixing of any color.


This is the first time this has come up. However, I have mixed special gray whites for the surface of projection screens before. Apparently grays will give a better color representation than pure white.


Hope this is helpful.

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Posted 2012-08-12T04:56:45+0000  by ordjen
Thanks ordjen. There is nothing magical about the type of green paint they use to make Chroma Key screens, it's just flat latex paint. The specific color of green isn't even really THAT important, but it's much easier for the camera to pick it up, as well as the software to identify if from other shades of green, but with a little tweeking in the video or imaging editing software you can get any color to work, even colors at the other end of the spectrum like orange and red, but they are avoided because they resemble human skin tone too closely. The specific color of green used for chroma key is the closest real world version of the green that digital cameras pick are designed to pick up, and that digital displays like monitors use to display colors with green in them.

I really apprecate your help! And nice little bit of info about the grey surface for a projection screen. I've been wanting a projector recently and it's good to know that a more greyish white works better than pure white. Thanks again for the help! I'll be heading down to my local store to get my paint soon! :)
Posted 2012-08-12T15:00:39+0000  by ChuckMeIntoHell

   Like Ordjen pointed out; you can bring in any color to the paint desk and we will match it to the right paint for the right job.  I am a Paint Associate here in the Atlanta market - where lots of movie studios are being built for our newly arising film market. I get lots of customers with unique requests for specific colors at my paint desk (Woodstock #116) pertaining to studio work.


                                               green screan.JPG


Many have said that the BEHR color Sparkling Apple works very well for green screen backgrounds.  I recommend using the BEHR ULTRA so that it covers the best - with fewer coats.


Hope this helps. paiintpro.JPG

Posted 2012-08-12T15:05:49+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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