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Cleaning Chemicals for Pressure Washers



Have you ever wondered how many things you could use a pressure washer for, like washing the outside of your house, deck or walk way? You see the pressures washers, but how do they work?  Do you just use water at high pressure or should cleaning products be added?

1.       House Cleaning Products

There are several exterior house/building cleaning chemical products that will clean the dirt and grime off of the exterior of your house but not affect the paint:

a.       Simple Green House and Siding cleaner for pressure washers in a concentrate. This is safe for plants and landscape, can be used on painted wood, vinyl, brick and stucco.

b.      Zep House and siding pressure wash concentrate. Good for vinyl, wood, stucco, brick and aluminum. Removes algae, mold, and mildew.

c.       Rust-Oleum Krud-Kutter, this is a concentrated product that can be used on vinyl siding, stucco, cement, brick. Removes fungus, mold, algae, stains and tree sap. Environmentally pet, people and plant friendly.


2.       Decks Cleaning Products.

Here are some products that can help clean your deck without ruining the finish:

a.       Simple Green Deck and Fence cleaner. This cleans brightens and rejuvenates wood. Safe for composite decks.

b.      Zep Wood Decks and Fence Cleaner. This product removes stains, mold and mildew. The cleaner also prepares the surface for painting or staining. Use on wood only.

c.       Moldex Power Cleaner. Recommended for all exterior siding, wood, aluminum & vinyl. This product is safe to use around plants and shrubs. This is a concentrate and makes 11 ready to use gallons. Removes mold, mildew and algae.


3.        Driveway Cleaning.

The products below can remove oil, grease and stains from your driveway.

a.       Rust-Oleum Krud-Kutter for concrete and driveway. This works on concrete, asphalt, brick, masonry. Removes tough stains, oil and grease. Biodegradable, safe for people, pets and plants.

b.      Simple Green concrete and driveway cleaner. This product is great for driveways, walkways and patios. Removes mold and mildew, grime and soot. Cleans oxidized paint and is biodegradable.

c.       Zep driveway, masonry and concrete cleaner. Removes grease, oil and dirt from concrete, asphalt, masonry and quarry tile.



Check out these products at your local Home Depot or on line at for all your pressure washing chemicals.


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