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Cleaning sealed concrete

We recently received a great question on our Facebook page about cleaning a newly finished (sealed) concrete floor.


   As with most products that are specific for certain applications you should always consult the manufacturers label for recommended cleaning and maintenance specifications.  It is possible to influence the surface appearance by using the wrong cleaners.



   Most clear sealers are acrylic based urethane modified high gloss finishes that can be treated just as you would a hardwood floor.  You can clean the floor on a regular basis with just a warm water/vinegar mix that will help keep that shine.  If the floor receives a lot of traffic - then it might be a good idea to add additional coats of the same sealer on an annual basis.


Finally, enjoy the natural beauty of your new floor.


clear sealer.jpg

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Posted 2012-01-22T20:03:09+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL Kevin_HD_ATL