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Cleaning your Rain Gutters


If you have not checked already, especially if you have trees on or around your property, get on a ladder and take a look at your rain gutters.  Even if you have, the Leaf Guard covers. 


The larger leaf trees can actually cover your rain gutters and all that water can pour over the top or your rain gutter drain.  Or, have a clog at the downspout opening and fill up your rain gutter and possibly cause damage to your rain gutters. The Wire Leaf Strainer can help.


We just had our first good rain here in SoCal.  I was climbing up and down my ladder getting all the leaves out of my rain gutters before the heavy rain that followed latter the same day.Do not wait until it rains to get up there and clean out those gutters! 


Here is a link to an earlier article I posted.


Cleaning your Rain Gutters



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Posted 2018-01-12T19:48:28+0000  by Rick_HD_OC Rick_HD_OC