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Closing in a back porch

I currently have a back porch with the metal tin roof.  I really want to make it into a sun room/place to keep the dogs during the day.  I am looking for options and ideas of where to start.  I was thinking I want it closed in but still able to be opened up during the summer (at least on one side).  Also how safe would it be to run a space heater out there during the winter months instead of attaching our HVAC system to this "room"?  Please let me know if you ahve any ideas.



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Posted 2012-01-13T17:35:51+0000  by minic00 minic00

Hello Minic00, and welcome to the community!


The first home I owned had a three season porch that was 12' W x 8D', it was a great place to relax in the summertime. The roof was a corrugated metal that was lightweight, the sides that supported the roof were made of 2x4 lumber, with 2/3 of the walls being screen, the lower portion, or knee wall, was wood so chairs or critters could not rip through.


My current residence, that I've lived in for 9 years, also had a 3 season porch, that recently went through a badly needed restoration. The previous owners lived in the house for 37 years,  and it was time for a change. We were trying to keep costs down and not do a complete tear down of the roof, and would loved to extend the foot print, but that would have increased the price dramatically, not to mention I would need to get a architect drawing for the village, so we weren't going there.


The original design was somewhat multi-faceted, it had 36" knee walls, and screens up from there. Every year I would wrap the porch in plastic to insulate, and covering the screens with plastic every year was getting old and it looked yucky. Because the wood was all pine it would get wet  every now and then, the porch faced north so it didn't get any sun to dry it out so overtime the wood had become rotted, causing the structure to become unstable .












So we left the roof and the concrete floor alone and replaced the walls with new wood included pressure treated sill plates (wood that runs horizontal touching the concrete) the previous sill plates were non treated wood, so they were totally rotted out, and we found out that they were not even anchored to the concrete.


We decided to replace the screens with American Craftsman vinyl sliding windows that included screens. Now when the weather gets bad, we just close the window, and there is no longer a need to put up plastic in the winter months. The new knee walls were now insulated, so I could add a small heater out there to keep things warm.


Take pictures of your back porch so we can get a better idea of what's involved, in some cases you may need to have your village involved. I think the matter of using a space heater in your porch would be fine, just as long as you follow the manufactures instructions for use & placement, and make sure it's UL listed.


Posted 2012-01-13T19:43:50+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
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