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Cloudy Streaks in between double paned picture window in living room?

Just moved into a new house and noticed large cloudy streaks in between the double panes of the living room picture window.  Assuming moisture got in there?  How to I fix this without replacing the whole window?

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Posted 2011-04-22T16:58:55+0000  by daltonskier daltonskier

Hello daltonskier, and welcome to the community!


Congratulation's on being a home owner! The problem you are experiencing is a common one, it known as "seal failure",  it's when the sealant that was used between the glass shrinks up causing a gap, then letting in air & moisture inside. You can check your local yellow pages, or on the internet for companies that advertise they repair window sashes, not some company that will just try to sell you a new one. 


These companies are able to inject a moisture absorbing material between the glass, then seal the the window so it's air tight again. Other than that you would have to replace the window, or contact the manufacture of the window, and get a replacement sash.


If you check in one of the corners of the glass there might be an etching from the manufacture showing their name or product code. If you are able to tell who is the manufacture then you might be covered by a warranty, if it's still in effect.


interior condensation.jpg



Posted 2011-04-22T18:27:49+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI

Thank you, very helpful!

Posted 2011-04-25T18:48:38+0000  by daltonskier
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