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Cocoa Brown Paint

We have painted our Living Room Walls 3 times now.  We are using the Color Cocoa Brown and Pittsburgh Paints Satin Finish.  When we paint the second coat or touch up it doesn't blend in regardless of how long we wait.  We painted two months ago and just repainted 05-12-12 and added a second coat 05-13-12.  The paint won't blend it always shows the most recent coat if you don't paint the whole wall.


Do we need to change colors?  What can we do?


Thanks so much!


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Posted 2012-05-15T02:54:40+0000  by kim124 kim124




Are you saying that you are doing touch-ups and they are visible? Or are you saying that a general coat of paint is not drying evenly?


Touch-ups are very difficult to do in strong colored paints, especially those with a sheen on them. It is not by accident that builders prefer that dead flat, off white chaulky paint in new homes. It touches up extremely well - must don't try to wash it!


When it comes to touch-ups, I always say "less is more". Your eye is being drawn to some imperfection on the wall. You should do the bare minimum to cover that imperfection. The larger the touch-up, the more obvious it will be. Also, try to duplicate the texture left by the original paint job. If it was rolled, dab the area with a roller cover held in your hand. Do not just brush the area with a brush! The brush strokes will leave a different texture which will catch the light differently.


The only way to make a completely invisible touch-up is to do a complete area corner to corner. A new coat of paint will not show if it is stopped  squarely at an inside or outside corner.

Posted 2012-05-15T06:30:11+0000  by ordjen

Hello Kim!


Sheens, like Satin, are selected to prevent stains from adhering or absorbing into the wall ... for this reason, it may also try to repel the next coat of paint.


De-glossing the surface before you paint may be necessary to promote adhesion of the next coat. This should also promote the new coat blending into the base coat.


TSP mixed with warm water is one way to both clean and de-gloss. You might also use a pole sander with 220-grit sandpaper and then wipe off the sanding dust before painting.


NOTE: Flat paints absorb most anything that comes in contact with the wall and Eggshell is a mid-point between Flat and Satin. You might consider selecting a lower sheen like Eggshell which will protect your walls but overcoat much easier than the shinier paints.



Posted 2012-05-15T11:59:22+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

Thank you so much, we will try that.



Posted 2012-05-15T17:16:34+0000  by kim124

Thanks so much!!

Posted 2012-05-15T17:16:57+0000  by kim124

Glad you joined us on The Community Kim!


Let us know how your re-paint turns out.

Posted 2012-05-15T17:19:12+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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