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My old paint codes were not recognized, Why can't Home Depot recognize their own paint codes? That is absurd.
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Posted 2017-09-21T14:41:50+0000  by dpc dpc
Howdy dpc,

The easiest way to match your color is to take a one-inch square sample from the wall you want to match.

Find a place that has continuous color (nothing showing through) and use a craft knife to cut the paper on the surface of the wallboard.

You are not cutting a hole all the way through the wall ... just removing the surface layer of paper with a good example of your color.

This is the same process that is used to color match any paint.

The sample from the wall is actually a better sample because it accounts for sun-fade since the color was originally painted.

Lids are not good examples, because the metal color (usually gray) tends to show through and average into your color match.

Dried paint inside the can tends to have swirls of tint which are inconsistent examples of your color (only slightly better than a lid).

As our products have moved toward more nature-friendly standards, tints have been modified to reduce VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Yesterday, I counted tint changes with our Rep, and in the last eleven years we have changed tints at least five times.

Each time these changes occur, we move closer to "No VOC" tint but we also must change our formulas.

This is why your Paint Associate cannot use your old formula.

Simply follow the "Color Match" steps described above and your Paint Associate should be able to make a container for touch up.

Before accepting the color match, inspect the color against your sample to ensure the color is a match.

As the world changes so must companies and the benefit will outweigh the inconveniences in the long run.

happy painting,
Coach Dave

Posted 2017-09-21T16:30:54+0000  by Dave_HD_OC
There have been a couple changes in recent  years that make using the old codes impossible: 

The change to the new no VOC colorants made some formulas unuseable, as the blue and green colorants are much stronger than the old version.

Several years ago, Behr changed to a 3 base system from a 4  base. Any custom
 formula that was mixed into an "Accent" base, can no longer be used. Old standard colors were reformulated into today's 3 base system.

Other than the above exceptions, an old formula will still be useable. A few years ago, Behr change the fractions used in dispensing tints, but the computer automatically re-calculates from the old 1/48th and 1/96th fractions to the new 1/384th system.
Posted 2017-09-21T16:31:20+0000  by ordjen
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