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Commercial Electric 6 inch Integrated LED Recessed Baffle Kit

Traditionally, recessed can lighting involved having to install a housing separate from the trim.

While that still holds true today, recent advancements in LED technology have made installing recessed lighting much easier.

In this case of the product I'll talk about in more detail in this post, you can have both housing and trim in one!

Commercial Electric 6 in. Baffle EASY-UP LED lights are one of the best choices out there today if you are looking for a great ceiling light with existing ceilings. 

What makes it such a versatile product is not just easy it is to install, but where you can install it. Since it's so compact, you can place it in most ceiling applications due to its size. 

Since there is no large housing to contend with, the junction box itself that is affixed to the trim allows for easy use to connect Romex non-metallic wire or conduit, as shown in the pic below. 

As mentioned earlier, this particular recessed lighting kit is made for areas where the ceilings are already installed. This makes it great for remodeling projects where you aren't overhauling the entire ceiling, but just want new lights.

Since it is LED and is rated for wet location areas, this makes it an ideal for areas where some lighting would be troublesome to install, such as showers and mud rooms where high humidity can be present.

This light produces 850 lumens at 3000K, which would be considered a bright white 75-watt equivalent in incandescent lighting. And since it can be dimmed with most LED-rated dimmers, you can control your lighting when and if you need it. 

Best of all, since it is an LED light source, you'll get a very efficient and long lasting light source. In fact, you'd get 50,000 hours of life, which guarantees you an almost lifetime of dependable lighting!

Be sure to check the link in orange in this post for additional information,  and you'll see more facts and figures on what may be the best interior lighting product you'll ever purchase.

Of course, for any other questions, please let us know here.


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Posted 2018-09-05T16:10:53+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL Joseph_HD_ATL