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Community Tot Lot Refurbish

My community would like to repair and spruce up our two small tot lots, but we don't really know where to begin....

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Posted 2011-10-16T20:11:55+0000  by Rosie Rosie

What a perfect fall project – sounds like fun!

                                             kids Playground.jpg


   Depending on what the structures are made of - the very first thing you will want to do is pressure wash.  A pressure washer will help remove dirt, mold/mildew, algae, and grime from all surfaces that the “tots” come in contact with.   Pre-treating the surfaces with a highly concentrated exterior cleaner like JOMAX or M-1 CLEANER is the secret to bringing back the luster and newness of the equipment.  You can use the wide setting on the PW nozzle to scrape away any grey weathered wood surfaces down to a fresh new surface.  This technique is very effective on a variety of cement surfaces as well.  Thoroughly rinse all plastic and metal surfaces with clean water.  


Once the equipment is dry you can begin the process of revitalizing and renewing the kids playground:


  • Check to see if all connections (nuts & bolts) are secure and not protruding.
  • Paint metal surfaces with a rust inhibitor paint like RUST-OLEUM (either brush on or spray paint).
  • Paint plastic surfaces with spray paint specially made by KRYLON called FUSION.

      kids Playground paint blue.jpgkids Playground paint yellow.jpg

  • Stain any wood surfaces with either a semi-transparent or solid color stain.
  • Paint or stain any cement surfaces with concrete stain or epoxy paint.

Of course landscaping would be the final step before having a grand re-opening fall festival to celebrate the project and all the effort put into it.



Posted 2011-10-17T14:09:06+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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