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Complementary colors

I've just painted our living room a tan shade called almond toast (Behr) and am trying to find complementary colors for two small hallways that connect to the living room. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Posted 2012-08-31T15:55:46+0000  by Phil11 Phil11

Hey there Phil11,


Thanks for joining our community!~


Finding your complimentary color isn't hard at all = ) In most cases, the easiest way is to find the nearest color wheel and locate where complimentary colors are. So as explained in the post: Color Harmony...A Theory To Live By, complimentary colors are opposite each other on the wheel. Much like seen below:



For your particular color, you'll be looking for a slightly deeper blue to compliment it. However, sometimes navigating the wheel isn't for there are tools to help make it easier!~


Behr's website has a great color selection tool and will even help compliment your colors and come up with an automated palette for you as well! I took the liberty of creating one for you based on Almond Toast.



In this palette, you'll notice the Almond Toast color as the main color. The color Windsor Haze would be it's compliment, while the others act as accents for the two. I think this is a great combination, as the two play off of each other very well!



If you wanted to go a bit lighter in your color, you can opt for the Skyline Steel color, which is a lighter tint of the Windsor Haze color above.



Here is a palette with Almond Toast acting as the compliment. The Windsor Haze appears yet again, along with other complimenting colors.




Since the Windsor Haze is a great compliment to it, I thought I would attach the color card here as well. That way if you wished to go a bit lighter or darker, you had the choice as well!~ = )


Take home some swatches or have a sample size made up and see how it looks in the room. Be sure to let us know and feel free to reply back if you have any other questions!~


Posted 2012-08-31T19:26:15+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI

I too could use help with complementary colors.  I have a Behr color (which is new mabye) Planetary Silver to paint a garage.


I had though Hematite could be a good trim color... are there any other complementary colors for these?


A HD associate informed me that the Behr website isn't updated with new color names until all the HD stores have the new color palettes.


Any chance you can explain the color wheel and how I can learn to find complementary colors on my own?  (Living area and bathroom are next up for paint jobs)...Thanks!

Posted 2012-11-29T22:20:38+0000  by atxhome

Hey there atxhome,


Welcome back to the community!~ = )


I checked up on the colors that you mentioned, and they aren't currently available on Behr's ColorSmart online tool. I looked for swatches out in my region here and unfortunately we don't currently have them. We can make the color, but I just can't get a glimpse at what it looks like to be able to tell you what might go with them.


As far as matching goes, my blog entry Color Harmony...A Theory To Live By offers a great explanation on how to go about doing just that. For your complementary colors, you simply look directly across the color wheel from your desired color. With grays/silvers however, it's a bit more difficult sometimes to do that. Gray is an achromatic color, meaning it's completely neutral just like black and white are. I've personally found that they coordinate very well with not only their neutral counterparts, but also tints of blue and shades of red. 


I'm not sure what to tell you on the Hematite color because I can't quite envision it in my head to give you a good idea of a coordinating color. 


I do have an idea that you can use in the meantime however. Behr does have a smartphone app that you can use to work with these colors, granted that you have the swatches for them. I use it quite often with my phone for matching colors and coordinating on the go and it works great! You can use it to take a picture of the swatch, and have it do all the guess work for you! Below I attached a quick series of screenshots showing how I did just that with a small paint swatch I have here in my office. At the end, I even used the built in visualizer to display how the colors would look in a model room!




Aside from these options, look forward to Behr updating their site with the new colors hopefully soon!~

Posted 2012-11-30T18:19:06+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI
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