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Complete Lawn Makeover



I am a first-time homeowner.  My new lawn is completely yellow & dead. With spring coming, I'd like to get it looking great.  What do I need to do & when should I start?




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Posted 2013-03-14T22:28:31+0000  by CarenE CarenE

Hi Caren,




Welcome to The Community!!!




We are here to help you develop a beautiful lawn. I'll need some information from you, so that I can make specific recommendations as to what methods and timing will work best.




First: Where are you located? Use this interactive zone map to find what zone you're in. Click on the interactive map and add your Zip Code.


Second: What type of grass is growing in your yard? If it is a desirable grass, we can bring it back. If you want to change it, we can do that, too!


Post back with this info so we can better advise you.


I look forward to hearing from you.




Posted 2013-03-15T12:17:55+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL
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