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I don't know who I send this to. We were in the store Saturday 6/9/2018. The Wentzville, Missouri store. We were helped by a employee there named Brian. I don't know the last name. I want to say he was excellent. I didn't expect anyone to know exactly what we needed but he did help us and he just knew every detail. We tried to tell him today (Sunday) he was right and it all works, but they said he was not working today. 
Thank You
Kim W.

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Posted 2018-06-11T03:25:33+0000  by Kim1236 Kim1236
Hello Kim1236 and welcome to the Community.

I passed your compliment on to the store Manager and he will be recognizing Brian's excellent customer service.

In the future, you can also do the survey at the bottom of your receipt to sent your message.

Thank you for your glowing comment on our Community.

Posted 2018-06-12T16:42:13+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
In writing to offer praise to Staten Island, Targee employee Paula Grecco.  Yesterday I neglected to  take my change of $20 from the self check out machine. Living in New York you can sometimes become cynical but, felt the Spirit encouraging me and I returned HOURS later. Candidly,I have seen Paula for several years at that location and she was  inviting and anxious to help myself and any other customer. When I returned and explain to her that I had left without taking my change she immediately said I have it, I wrapped it up in paper and put it back into the machine so it would be segregated. It was so refreshing and life affirming to experience Paula's honesty. She could have easily taken that money I would have thought a random customer picked it up instead. I compliment  Home Depot for its incredible asset, your employee. I hope when it comes time for promotion or other consideration, you will put her in the forefront of your thinking. Well done Home Depot, well done indeed!  Blessings upon Paula and the Grecco family!
Posted 2019-01-10T13:59:08+0000  by kevinblove21
I want to thank Winton in the Cleburne Home Depot Store. When he asked if I needed help with anything, I truly thought that in explaining my project he would really not be able to help. He went out of his way to help me find washers and super glue to add weight to the pine derby cars for a Special Needs Kids Art Camp. Turns out Winton was a Boy Scout and he knew all about what I needed including how many ounces each car should weigh. The kids in the special needs art camp are really excited to be racing the cars they painted last week. Thanks to Winton their cars will now go faster and the fun will be bigger.
Please pass this on the the Cleburne Store Manager. Winton deserves to be recognized for his excellent customer service.
Posted 2019-07-26T04:01:47+0000  by CleburneSusan

 I was at store #4718, who assisted us (Contractor friend, step brother & myself) with linoleum flooring. He was super friendly and knowledgeable, almost making us forget the chore that awaited us once we had what was needed for the job. Thanks a ton Simon (Simmon)!


Scott Y.

Posted 2019-10-08T04:00:01+0000  by hossmonkey

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