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I went to Home Depot on 5351 Diplomat Cir, Orlando, FL 32810 on Sunday, 1/28/2018. I was looking for a ph test for my yard. I asked Trai who was working at the cashier at the time. He said he thought it was in the garden center but wanted to call to double check before sending me over. He stopped what he was doing, called the dept and then directed me to the right location. I went there but had trouble finding it still so found another worker in the garden dept, George Jr., who also stopped what he was doing and left the area to get another worker who knew exactly which shelf it was on. Both Trai and George Jr could have just said it's on such and such aisle but instead they stopped what they were doing to ensure I was getting accurate information and both also asked me afterwards if I needed anything else once the item was located. Please let their supervisors know what helpful and kind employees they have. Thank you!

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Posted 2018-01-29T15:41:03+0000  by cdancel cdancel

Thank you cdancel, for your contribution!

What you experienced was The Home Depot Culture at work! Our Culture is the product of a company who values the associates, as well as the customers.

Seeing these experiences on a regular basis, and and hearing about your particular day helps reinforce our Culture and keeps it thriving!

Thank you for shopping at The Home Depot, and I hope to have another customer experience like yours was that day!

Have a great day, and Thanks again!


Posted 2018-01-30T15:39:30+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL
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