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I went to Home Depot on 5351 Diplomat Cir, Orlando, FL 32810 on Sunday, 1/28/2018. I was looking for a ph test for my yard. I asked Trai who was working at the cashier at the time. He said he thought it was in the garden center but wanted to call to double check before sending me over. He stopped what he was doing, called the dept and then directed me to the right location. I went there but had trouble finding it still so found another worker in the garden dept, George Jr., who also stopped what he was doing and left the area to get another worker who knew exactly which shelf it was on. Both Trai and George Jr could have just said it's on such and such aisle but instead they stopped what they were doing to ensure I was getting accurate information and both also asked me afterwards if I needed anything else once the item was located. Please let their supervisors know what helpful and kind employees they have. Thank you!

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Posted 2018-01-29T15:41:03+0000  by cdancel cdancel

Thank you cdancel, for your contribution!

What you experienced was The Home Depot Culture at work! Our Culture is the product of a company who values the associates, as well as the customers.

Seeing these experiences on a regular basis, and and hearing about your particular day helps reinforce our Culture and keeps it thriving!

Thank you for shopping at The Home Depot, and I hope to have another customer experience like yours was that day!

Have a great day, and Thanks again!


Posted 2018-01-30T15:39:30+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL
I was at store in ottawa ontario at 1900 baseline 
And katelyn was amazing sweet and so patient. I was dealing with a nightmare with online purchasing of a hot tub and she fixed what the online team and credit card team etc couldnt.
She also made sure i got a good price and let me go to work and dealt with the credit card issue herself because i was on call for the hospital and couldnt spend anymore time dealing with the incompetent online system
That cancelled my hot tub order 3 x

Thanks katelyn from customer service at above named store

Posted 2019-05-02T00:51:45+0000  by Xalia15
I go to the  Home Depot in Riverview, Fl, on Bloomingdale. There is an employee there that is very helpful. His name is Wilfredo Seda. He really knows what he is doing. You can ask him any questions or for help and he is ready. Great employee, A++.
Posted 2019-06-13T02:34:10+0000  by Vaso
I visited the Cleveland Avenue HD in Columbus to rent a vehicle for moving some furniture. The associate who serviced my request was extremely competent.  I believe the name on his apron was Ron.  Ron was knowledgeable, efficient, and thorough.  When given my needs he was immediately able to make a recommendation and explain why. He knew the dimensions of all my options, which was refreshing given my experience earlier that same day with associates at the Gahanna Home Depot on N Hamilton.  I had called that store early in the morning, no one ever answered the phone after 3 tries, I left a message which no one ever returned, I went  there in person at first availability, the associate could not answer questions about dimensions, and there were no vehicles available because the person in front of me in line took the last one.  Ron, I hope that is his name, was such a Godsend!
Posted 2019-10-21T11:07:17+0000  by STOHIO
Many thanks to Charlie Jonathan and Cashier, Delv, who provided me on 3 occassions extra help since I am handicap and was looking for items to remodel my home. They helped me find all the items and get them to the register and my car.   This was "outstanding" service from Newnan, Ga Home Depot store.
Posted 2019-10-25T18:51:37+0000  by HDCompliments
We had such a great experience at the Home Depot Decatur, GA. (Snapfinger woods store) thanks to Tara Ellis and her crew. I am a "do it yourself'er" and I had lost faith in the Home Depot. I would go in and it seems no one could help me solve problems with my projects or I couldn't find any one to help. My faith has not bee restored! We went in looking for a washer/dryer set and Tara new "everything" about the appliances. From the features to new colors, she was awesome. We told her what we were looking for and the budget we were working with, and she went above and beyond to help find us the perfect set. And to top it all of, since our washer/dryer was on clearance and there was no free delivery, we even got help from the store manager with that! This store has an amazing, friendly and helpful staff. We left this store feeling truly blessed and thankful to all the people who helped us. From everyone in the appliance department, to the employees who who helped load our appliance and the store manager who helped get the appliances to our home. Even to the truck rental department who made sure our truck had all the necessities we needed to unload our appliances. THANKS YOU HOME DEPOT (Store 0118). You guys are AMAZING!!

Dreycem J.
Posted 2020-01-17T15:16:25+0000  by DREY
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