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Concrete expansion joints in my pool deck have a plastic lining. Most of the plastic is deteriorated

Does Home Depot have a product to line concrete expansion joints? My existing joint lining is about 3/4"  wide and 1/4" deep. The pool is probably 40 years old and there may be a newer method of filling expansion joints now. 

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Posted 2013-05-18T17:36:44+0000  by cassandra_95008 cassandra_95008

We have an awesome produce called PLI-STIX that will work perfect for this situation:


    2.25 lb. 30 ft. Medium Gray Pli-Stix Permanent Concrete Joint and Crack Filler

The video below is great way to get familiar with the product and how to install it.


Posted 2013-05-19T18:40:01+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

I'll try this product if I can buy it in a reasonable quantitiy. I need to measure all the joints to see how much I need.


Thanks for the tip.

Posted 2013-05-30T18:10:34+0000  by cassandra_95008
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