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Concrete floor leveling from old closed off drain.

Im redoing a pole barn that's VERY old and the area that im workin in is about 11 x 24. This section has about a 4'x6' area that has a 4" drop to a cemented in drain. I am converting this to a small shop and I want a level floor. There are other areas that dip to about 2" and it all makes me vertigoian (new word for Webster). 

So one question is, should I mortar up to an inch below my largest hump, then drypack? Also can I epoxy or paint over drypack? It is very difficult to find info on this. 

My second thought would be to mortar and/or drypack up to or an inch abovegrade with the highest point of the floor, then use a leveling compound to fill in any imperfections. I plan to epoxy or paint so I also need to know if the leveling compound is compatible for this. Throwing down a bunch of floor leveling down is not in my budget.
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Posted 2018-05-10T03:17:13+0000  by Nicole4169 Nicole4169

Hello Nicole4169 and welcome to the Community.



Rapid Set products are high performance, eco-friendly hydraulic cement formulation, that bonds to concrete, brick, stone and many other surfaces and are crack resistant, low-shrink, long life formula.


I would recommend using a product called Rapid Set Mortar mix for the shallower repairs.  

It can be applied from 1\2 in. to 6 in. thick. A 55 lb bag =.5 cu. Ft.


If you need a feather edge up to 6" you can use Rapid Set Cement All. It has a very fine sand in the mix to allow that feathered edge.

For the 4” thick patch, you can use the Rapid Set Concrete mix that has a larger aggregate stone in it.  A 60 lb. bag = .5 cu. Ft.



You will not need any other binding agents or additives.   For proper binding, make sure the surfaces are clean well and all loose materials are removed.  The surface should be dampened before the pour and kept moist (water cured) up to an hour after installed.  



These are fast setting products.  Work at the coolest times possible, above 45 degrees F.Extra time is often needed when making large or intricate placement of more than one cubic foot of grout, mortar, or concrete.  Rapid Set SET Control slows down the setting time of cement giving you more time to place and finish your concrete, mortar, and grout materials.


 Under dry conditions, water-based coatings such as latex paint can be applied after the product is hardened, which usually takes one to four hours. Solvent-based and impermeable coatings such as oil based paint and epoxy can be applied in 16 hours.

Concrete Leveler is NOT designed to be a permanent finished floor surface.  It is a underlayment.

Click on the orange words to access specifications and installation instructions.



Thank you for your inquiry and for shopping at Home Depot.




Posted 2018-05-10T15:16:59+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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