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Concrete landscaping edges

I have no background in concrete. I am tired of the pavers being knocked over or rain run-off eroding the soil causing the pavers to shift. I would like to know the basics of good concrete laying: if sand is needed as a base, etc; and if there is a better season to lay the concrete? Thank you in advance for any help!!
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Posted 2012-10-05T22:52:47+0000  by Bwatie Bwatie

Hey Bwatie.


Here in Atlanta, we have to bury edging 2 inches in the ground to try to keep the Bermuda grass out of our flower beds. This will give it a firm footing but more is required to help keep these in place. If this area is on a steep hill that washes the mulch out of the islands or flower beds then I might recommend using pine straw in the islands, if you have access to it, as this will weave together and certainly stay in place much better on hills than any other mulches. 


If the hill is not so steep then you could use a different type mulch. The key is to put the mulch down thick. This will absorb more water and slow it down as it goes down the hill making it much less erosive. Whether you are pouring concrete edging or installing concrete edger stones, be sure to bury them a couple inches in the ground. Putting sand under the edging would just allow more water under the pavers which will, over time make it more likely to erode.

Posted 2012-10-07T13:15:35+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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