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Concrete porch

I have a concrete porch that is not leveled, and I want to raise it about an 1". Do I need to just frame it out and apply concrete or do I need to use Thinset being that it only needs to be raised 1".

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Posted 2011-03-08T21:47:50+0000  by manthony manthony

Hey Manthony! I'm Blake from Home Depot out here in California. I think what you need is some self leveling compound. Leveling a concrete floor with more concrete or mortar can be a real challenge, however the job is made alot eisier with a specially made self leveler. 



This product works, sets, and looks similar to a rapid set concrete. Although all you have to do is feather out the compound and it will take care of the rest. Working time is about twenty minutes. You will still need to form out your porch (especially important on the unlevel side). 


Here is a link to LevelQuik on 


I hope this helps Manthony! Good luck with your project!



Posted 2011-03-09T19:41:25+0000  by BlakeTheDiyGuy
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