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Connecting electrical wiring in the bathroom???

There are two black wires, two white wires, and one red wire coming from the electrical box in the wall of our bathroom. We hooked up the light fixture which only had a brown wire, one white wire, and one black wire. We taped off the red wire and put a wire nut on the red one, but now the switch will not turn the light on and off. In order to have the switch working, are we supposed to hook up the red wire to a black or white wire?
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Posted 2011-04-02T20:06:14+0000  by heatherlong25 heatherlong25

Hey heatherlong25.


When working with electricity always turn the circuit breaker off first. With this said, lets get this thing hooked up.


The brown wire, I am going to assume is our bare copper ground wire which connects to other bare copper or green wires.


The 2 black wires in the box need to be capped together with a wire nut.


The 2 whites in the box need to be hooked to the white of the fixture with wire nut.


The red in the box goes to the black on the fixture.


With this said, turn the breaker on and let there be light.


Hit me back and let me know if it worked out.

Posted 2011-04-03T14:20:13+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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