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Correct size breaker to use for Wall Oven/ cook top

I recently purchase a GE 30 inch single wall oven and 30 inch cooktop. It looks like both may be rated for 20 amp breaker (each on its own dedicated circuit). However, I feel like this may be too small. I think i would feel safer running both on a 30 amp breaker (again each on its own). My question is, would this be safe if they are both truly rated for a 20 amp breaker, so long as I am using the correct size wire rated for 30 amps? The run for both to the service panel is around 50 feet. 
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Posted 2016-12-09T22:15:23+0000  by tylove tylove
Code requires that you follow the manufacturer's instructions.  If, for example, the installation instructions call for a 20 amp breaker on dedicated circuit, that's what you must use.  Now a 20 amp circuit requires no smaller than 12 gauge wire but there's nothing that precludes you from using larger wire (within reason), so you could step up to 10 gauge wire.

If these are gas appliances, then a 20 amp circuit should be plenty.  If they're electric, 20 amp sounds too small.  Again, consult the manufacturer's installation manual for your appliances.
Posted 2016-12-10T00:20:42+0000  by Adam444
Hello tylove.  Welcome to the Community!

Each appliance has a rated amperage draw that you must accommodate when running circuitry.  You do that by ensuring that the wire size you are using can handle the current load, and by making sure that the circuit is of the correct voltage.  A 120 volt circuit has a single power wire along with a neutral white.  A 240 volt circuit has 2 opposite phase power wires and may or may not have a white neutral.

The size of any circuit breaker is set to protect the wires from overcurrent draw and a subsequent fire in the home.  That is why you can use larger wire than the minimum for a given breaker size, but not smaller wire.  Conversely, you can install a smaller sized rated breaker on a given circuit, but not a larger one without ensuring that the wires can handle that draw.

If you do not have the owners installation manual, please provide the model numbers of your appliances and we can help further with the power requirements.


Posted 2016-12-15T16:19:10+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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