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Coupon Codes

I wanted to find out where you get Coupon Codes when you are shopping Online? I ran into this when I bought my refrigerator, now I'm getting a new Vacuum, and it came up on the screen again. I don't know if it helps with any kind of discounts or what it is. Thank You, Jann
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Posted 2012-07-14T05:14:39+0000  by Jannimal11 Jannimal11

Hello Jann.  Welcome to the Community!


Coupons, special sales, credit options and other discounts vary greatly over both time and by manufacturers and sellers.  While I can't speak to what is popping up on your computer screen, I know that Home Depot does offer coupons from time to time to Garden Club members as an example.  If you sign up here, you will receive coupons for garden items in your e-mail.


Garden Club.PNG


In addition, at the Home Depot Savings Center you can find special offers on a wide variety of products:



I hope this helps,




Posted 2012-07-17T15:38:44+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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