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Covering a ceiling with 1/4" drywall

This a home built in 1974. The attic was sorely under insulated so was sprayed with loose fill cellulose up to 10-14". This caused a sag in the master bedroom ceiling. Which is drywall. The sag was removed by putting 2.5" screws into the joists every 10-12" or so. The sag is gone but wrinkles from the sag remain.


Furring of the ceiling done with 1x3" to the joists using 3" wood screws into the joists. Every 20-24".


Going to cover over the ceiling but want to avoid putting as much weight on the joists as possible. They are 2x4 joists (no constant on-center width, found out after I bought the house) they range from 16 out to 20.5" on center. Attic access prior to the insulation blow in there is no water damage, mold issues, etc.


Can 1/4" drywall be used over screwed to the furring with 2" drywall screws and not have the 1/4" sag? Or dose 1/2"-58" have to be used?

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Posted 2012-06-28T16:23:19+0000  by chaostactics chaostactics

thats alot of weight on 2by4 joist. either beef up the joist or have someone skimcoat the ceilings to make them look better. otherwise your opening a big can of worms. good luck. skimcoating would be easier

Posted 2012-06-28T22:38:23+0000  by thereign

also too many screws into those joist will compromise the strength of the wood. trust me, dont add the extra weight

Posted 2012-06-28T22:40:38+0000  by thereign


Are the 2X4 rafters part of a pre-stressed truss system, or truely only 2X4 rafters? If it is only 2X4 rafters, it is a wonder the whole ceiling is not sagging!

Posted 2012-06-29T02:07:13+0000  by ordjen
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