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Covering over faux wood paneling Paint or Wallpaper?

I just bought a home and I have tons to do.  The family room has this ugly faux wood paneling that's grainy and very textured.  It's almost splintery in some places, which might be from wear and tear.  I'm looking for a quick and cheap way to cover it.  I'm contemplating painting, but I'm not sure if I can since it's so textured.  Is it possible to paint over without having it look terrible?   


I'm not too keen on wallpaper, since the previous owners wallpapered just about every room in the house.  They also painted over most of the wallpaper, which is the bane of my existence at the moment.  It's also another reason I need this quick and cheap.  I've spent far too much time and money scraping and attempting to peel it off in a few rooms.  I just want to get the family room livable.  I did see some of the textured-paintable wallpapers, and I like the look, but I'm concerned about the removal process further down the line. 

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Posted 2013-01-07T18:18:05+0000  by Lissiealkie Lissiealkie

Hi Lissiealike,


It sounds like you’ve had a few headaches along the way. Let’s see how we can help.


My first though is applying wall paper over paneling in such poor condition will most likely be a major project, requiring more work than it’s worth, sanding, priming, painting etc.


Have you considered removing the paneling? What is behind it on the wall? There may be just drywall which could be easily painted.


If removing the paneling is not an option, consider covering it with new paneling.


Faux wood paneling is very inexpensive, and will dramatically improve the look of the room, especially if you can go to a lighter color, or with a whitewash look or bead board effect.


 If neither of the above options are feasible, you might consider applying new drywall over the paneling or removing the paneling and installing drywall.


This sounds like a lot of work, but can be simpler than repairing, sanding, priming and painting the paneling.


Let us know what you decide to do and send us some photos of the finished job.




Posted 2013-01-07T21:08:13+0000  by Mike_HD_OC




It sounds like your paneling could be abraided or sandblasted plywood. The abraiding results in a very heavily textured surface with the softer portions of the wood having been worn away. One relatively straight forward fix is to simply prime and paint the paneling. But rather merely leave the paneling looking rough, use that roughness to create an interesting look by the use of a glaze. The glaze can be brushed or rolled on and then removed with rags. I once got an interesting effect by using a squeegee and dragging it down the rougn surface. The glaze gets stuck in the low areas while the high spots are highlighted. A subtle tone on tone effect is more interesting than two dramatic colors.i.e. a white base coat with a creamy white glaze.


I would grant that this is a fair amount of work, but it is far less than repaneling or adding drywall or other paneling on top of the existing paneling. An additional layer of drywall or paneling throws off all the alignment of woodwork. Baseboards and door jambs, etc. will have to be realligned or shimmed out to the new wall thickness. The sandblasted plywood of which I wrote was usually 1/2inch thick.


One thing for sure, there is no bigger bang for your buck than with paint. I literally painted dozens of dark paneled family rooms over the years in order to get rid of that 1960/70's dark look which was popular back then.


Just a few musings on possible alternatives..

Posted 2013-01-08T05:25:56+0000  by ordjen
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