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Cracked Old Tiles - Asbestos?

We removed the carpet in my 1971 home to see that the carpet tacks caused cracks in the old tiles.  I'm worried about asbsestos and don't know what to do to proceed.  The plan is to lay down underlayment and then, Pergo floor planks to create a studio type space.  In two spots, the entire tile is missing altogether.

While my nephews were removing the carpets and tacking strips, other damages may have been done.  Nothing was blocked off in our house either.  YIKES!!!

As a mother of a young child, I may be over reacting but at the same time, I'm feeling pressed for time and anxious.  Though we can't go back to redo anything, what can I do moving forward?  Can we just cover it with an underlayment and move on?  Do we need to seal it?  Should I toss away my money and hire a pro. 

At this point, they have removed the cartpet and the spill guard already and  have started to lay the underlayment.

Here are some pictures.  What would you suggest?





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Posted 2014-01-19T16:54:33+0000  by missy_lee missy_lee

I'm not an expert but the odds are pretty good that the tile and/or adhesive contain asbestos.  Unfortunately it's when the tiles are broken or ground that the asbestos can become airborne.  The typical low cost approach is to leave the tile in place and just cover it.  Since some of it is already broken up, you might want to investigate how to clean up the broken pieces safely.


Remember too that concerns of cancer and other health problem were from people who were exposed to asbestos for years, often in the workplace.  I'm not saying not to worry but some short term exposure is probably not going to pose a serious health risk.  I kind of think of it like smoking, a few packs (or even cartons) probably isn't going to give you lung cancer.  Not being a scientist or physician, I can't guarantee that though.


If you do have the tile/adhesive tested and it does contain asbestos you'll be legally obligated to report that fact if and when you go to sell you home.   If you don't have it tested...then you don't have to say anything.

Posted 2014-01-19T23:38:35+0000  by Adam444
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