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Cracks in shower pan base

I am building my first custom shower pan.  I mixed the Portland/sand sub-slope portion and used too much water.  It was very difficult to spread "crumbly" mixed.  After the sub-slope base dried it had four small cracks in it. This shower pan is being built on a concrete slab.  Will it matter about these cracks that are going to be under the liner anyway, or what options do I have?

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Posted 2011-11-01T17:44:33+0000  by cas cas

Hey Cas,


I wouldn’t worry about the cracks that are on the sub base of the pan, like you said yourself sub base it’s getting covered with the pan liner anyways. However I would be concern about the slope having said you mixed the sand mix with too much water, do you still have the base sloped towards the drain? 

Can you post a picture of the sub base?


Also keep in mind you are going to have to repeat the similar process with the dry mix again for the deck mud and mixing deck mud with too “thin” is not a best idea for two reasons.

First is the slope again and second are the weep holes that are placed around the drain.

Weep holes cannot be obstructed and I’m afraid with to “thin” of the mud that can happen easily.

 Weep holes.jpg

Trick with the “dry” mix is to pack the mix first and then scrape excess with the straight edge, it is difficult  to shape the mix from the get go.


Cas I would recommend reading this thread; it is supper informative and it explains some of these steps in detail. Click HERE to get redirected.

 Also if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask, we are here to help.


Hope this helps.






Posted 2011-11-01T20:33:27+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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