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Create Coaster Art


Travel is such a wonderful pastime, and just as stated, it is a pastime…a time that has past that you are nudged to remember by the tokens, photographs, and mementos of the time, and the places that you once visited.

When I was a child, I had a charm bracelet so I collected, tiny, sterling silver, charms from wherever it was that I was fortunate enough to visit; sometimes I would receive a charm from a friend or relative from a place they had been and I still long to visit. My oldest brother brought me a charm form the great state of Texas where he had boot camp, the charm was the silhouette of the state, it was the biggest of all my charms, even though I have yet to visit the Lone Star state, that tiny charm brings back so many memories.

Collecting tokens from trips that I have taken has become almost like a treasure hunt! Whether it be a day trip or a memento from travels that have taken me across the ocean, I no longer collect charms I now collect coasters, yes coasters! Coasters can be a 4X4 work of art.

Coasters can boast the trademark or logo of a restaurant or pub that you stopped at to grab a bite to eat along your journey. The tabletop glass caddies can also show a map of the area that you are visiting or some coasters portray images of scenic places, or iconic, historic images that represent the region in which you are staying. Some coaster have word puzzles on them to keep you busy while you wait for your food…coasters are great, and best of all they are free!

Touring Ireland earlier this year I collected several beautiful coasters, so beautiful that I decided that these tiny masterpieces really should be displayed and hung where I could see them and keep the memory of the amazing trip alive, and constant, in my thoughts.

Creating coaster art:

Step 1. Gather all your tools and materials 

Materials: of course choose all the 4x4 coaster you want to transform into mini wall art, 

stop by your local Home Depot and pick up 4x4 field ceramic tile, Gorilla Super Glue Gel, package of  OOK saw tooth hangers, Mod Podge

Tools: tape measure, paintbrush, and marker (QTips)

Step 2. Cover the work space with heavy brown paper, the adhesive is extreme, be sure to read all instructions before you start this project…less is more with this glue! Keep it off your fingers, use caution. Trust me on this one I learned the...dry fast, hard way!

Step 3. Lay out the 4X4 ceramic tiles. I used 4X4 counter samples that I salvaged from a display board destined for the dumpster (I knew someday I would use them for a project). Make sure the tile is dry and clean then squeeze a teeny, tiny, drop of glue about a ½ inch in from the corners.

Step 4. Hold the coaster, centered, directly over the tile; there should hardly be a margin at all of tile showing…but make sure if so, that the coaster is evenly centered. Bring the coaster down, hold in place for 30 seconds. If any glue should ooze out (DO NOT USE YOUR FINGERS TO WIPE IT), use a Q-Tip quickly, or a small piece of stiff cardboard. Let Dry at least 30 minutes, or more, before next step.

Step 5. Turn tile over and measure down and mark 1 inch, draw a line, and then find 2-inch center, mark, place saw tooth bracket centered and mark holes.

Step 6. Squeeze drop of glue on the hole mark of saw tooth bracket, sit the bract in place, hold for 30 seconds, set aside to dry…once again allow at least ½ hour for bracket to dry in place.

Step 7. Turn tile face up, then paint a coating of Mod Podge over the image, allow for drying. Leave all the Coaster Art tiles to set for 24 hours, allowing the glue to cure and Mod Podge sealer to completely dry before hanging.


I used a laser level, to mark, and evenly space the placements of the colorful ‘coaster art’ mementos.

The trio of coaster art pieces hang in my bathroom so that every morning I can see them as I get ready to start my day. Just looking at them brings me back to the places that they portray… they may be small but they conjure up grand memories!



This was a satisfying and inspiring project; coasters can also be made into magnetic refrigerator art by adding a few magnets to the back of the coaster. Collecting coasters for fridge magnets would be a great project for kids, and use an all purpose glue to attach magnets, I do not recommend using The Gorilla Super Glue Gel with children, ever!

Having tiny bits and souvenirs of travel, trips and vacations around keeps my momentum up to work really hard, and dream of the next special place that will capture my heart and where I will discover my next coaster ;-) 

Dream big and enjoy,


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