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Creative Conundrum

I have roughly thirty 11" x 14" poster prints that I would like to hang in my new apartment. They all share a common theme (artwork inspired by popular Indie rock songs) so I would like to place them all together. I don't want to use poster putty because it gets messy and framing each one is going to be expensive.


Is there a cheap way to hang these without a lot of money and hassle?


Also, any suggestions to display these without hanging them?



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Posted 2011-06-20T15:00:49+0000  by SarBear SarBear

Hello SarBear,


Thanks for your question, welcome to the community!



I had a bad experience hanging my art posters with the blue poster putty  in the past...I'll just tell you this...lesson learned!


As long as the prints aren't going to be framed, I believe I have just the ticket you'll need to make sure you'll get the right adhesive on your walls, and not on your hands.....


We sell a variety of items in our Hardware department by 3M called Command Adhesive strips, these little guys work great on getting the strength of adhesive you'll need, without any gooey messes or residue that come from it. I can't say enough of this product, they are easy to install, peel right off when you need to take them off, and don't leave a mess behind.

Now while these are on the wall, you can attach the back of these guys to a small string that can attach on small hooks that 3M Command Adhesive sells as well! So, in theory, you are hanging them, but without the screws and labor involved with typical of all, no holes in the wall!


Here's a picture below of Command Strips and Hooks as well so you'll know what to look for at your local home center. Also, any small string or twine, or just use the Command Strips themselves, it's entirely up to you to get the look you want. 




So check them out, and you'll be enjoying your new poster prints and new place in no time! Update us on here if you have any further creative conundrums. :robotvery-happy:


If you have any further questions or comments please let us know,


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Posted 2011-06-20T15:16:29+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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