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Cross brace stud

I have a wall mount for a flat screen. I would love to hang my tv up on the wall (were the cable plug comes out) BUT there is no studs in/behind the drywall....on the other side of the wall is my bathroom so I have a chance to cut a hole and add a cross brace...Problem is I have NO CLUE how to. Help! :)

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Posted 2013-03-09T01:07:21+0000  by foster1606 foster1606

Hey foster1606,


Thanks for your question and welcome to the community!


You have several options going for you as long as you are aware of the following:


  • how much your TV set weighs and how wide it is
  • where exactly the studs are (and aren't) in the walls (a stud finder is a big help at this step)
  • how the mounting system on your TV is made

If the TV itself can be mounted by fasteners, and it isn't heavy, some mounts can go into the drywall by using special screws with anchors that can be held up without tearing out sheetrock.


Most walls have studs each 16 inches on center throughout the wall, so if the TV is large enough, you should be able to mount it on the studs without having to take out the drywall. Refer to the TV mounting instructions to see if this can be done.


However, if you are absolutely sure you cannot install the TV without hitting a stud, you can take out the drywall. To be for certain that the bathroom's walls are on the other side, you can drill a hole in the room where the TV is going to be installed. If you can see the back side of the bathroom wall, you can then drill another hole to get there.


Only do this though, if you want to go through with tearing out the sheetrock on the bathroom wall side.


Personally, it would be more direct and easier to take out the sheetrock on the side where the TV will be installed. Again, most studs in walls are 16" on center, so use a stud finder to mark where the area want to remove. It should be a hole a roughly  3"-4" tall by 16 inches wide.


To cut the hole, you can use a drywall jab saw, or you can deeply score lines with a straight edge using a sharp utility knife.


Keep scoring until the drywall is loose enough to take out. After removal, you can use a 2" x 4" cut to fit in between the studs for a cross brace. Make sure the new cross brace is as flush as possible with the existing studs. You can use coarse thread screws 1.5 or 2 inches in length to fasten the braces to the existing studs.


If you were careful in removal of the drywall, you can use it alongside spackling and drywall mesh tape to cover up the hole/cross brace. Make sure it is sanded down after drying to ensure the look is as seamless as possible. Afterwards, painting it will be easy, as long as it is a smooth finish.


So again, depending on what type of wall mount and TV  you will have will depend on if you can directly mount it in the drywall without having to tear out a section of the drywall.


Let us know if you have any further questions, and we hope to hear from you soon on your progress.

Posted 2013-03-09T20:12:45+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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