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Cultivating: The Love of Gardening and Giving

The garden department was so busy last Friday with shoppers looking for plants for weekend garden projects, and also looking for that special plant for a Mother’s Day gift!

There was also a lot of activity in the a 1st grade classroom in a local school; the children were getting ready to do a planting project for a Mother’s Day gift of their own.

I had the wonderful opportunity to be a guest reader, and a gardening helper in this delightful classroom.

It had been a long while since I had been in a 1st grade classroom, the tables and chairs were so tiny and low; the walls were like a mosaic, filled with stimulating posters and pictures. I had my first encounter with a smart board.

There was a clothes line that stretched across the windows with waxed paper envelopes clipped to it. Inside the envelope, visible, there was a moistened paper towel and bean seeds, waiting to germinate, so the students can watch the germination process…….I knew that it was a nurturing classroom that cultivated the love of growing, and learning.

The beautiful, bright faced children sat at my feet on multicolored reading mat, I fit right in, in my orange Home Depot apron.  I read the story of the “Miss Rumphius” the lupine lady, who scattered lupine seeds all over her town, and everywhere she went, to make the world a better, more beautiful place.

The kids gobbled up every word, the hands flew up with questions and comments, I had not read the story for years, but it seemed all new to me with all their questions, they were so anxious to learn, and add to the story.

Time to plant! We potted up some impatiens into clay pots and they all got their hands dirty and they loved every minute!

The lovely teacher, and her classroom assistant helped; we went to each student to make sure that the plants had enough transplant soil and were tucked into their pots securely.

Each student had a story for me as we tucked their plants into their new home, I was amused and touched by each story. The kids spoke about their moms, and who they would give the plant to, one little girl said she was going to give it to her neighbor because she didn't have any kids…”my mom won’t mind” she said, it was a very special 2 hours for me.

I was totally impressed that this first grade class knew the word photosynthesis, and its process….amazed!

There is a lot of learning and growing, going on in our schools, we are so fortunate to have wonderful people called teachers that take the time to cultivate the love of learning, and growing….. A good teacher plants the desire to learn that goes well beyond the classroom walls.

I am grateful to work for a company that believes in giving back and reaching out to the community! 

Thank you!!! I had the best time and received the greatest gift of all...I cant wait to go back!





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