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Curious about universal fan control options

I have a ceiling fan, modelAC-552RM44A-1, UPC 718212240038 that doesn't have a remote (I recently purchased a house with it installed).  I read on here on another post that the vendor no longer supports this model so I want to know if there are universal control options.  Right now all I can do is switch the power to on and both the fan and light come on. 
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Posted 2016-11-04T01:37:29+0000  by DRazorback DRazorback
Hello DRazorback.  Welcome to the Community!

Yes, there are a wide variety of "universal" remote controls available that will work with your fan.

Installation will involve mounting the receiver up into the canopy just under the ceiling electrical box.  All remote controls will come with a receiver.

If you choose to go with a wall mount switch instead, please note that there are 2 types.  First are the simple switches that require two power wires going up to the fan so that the fan speed and lights can be operated separately.  Since you may only have one power wire now, I would recommend that you consider a "wireless" wall switch.  These are in essence simply a remote control that looks like a wall switch, and works the same way.

You can find all 3 option types here:  LINK


Posted 2016-11-04T15:02:04+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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