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Custom His/Hers Closets

I'm reaching out to those of you with autocad or sketchup skills to see if someone can throw together a blueprint for 2 custom corner closets. My wife and I have removed the closet that was in our room and we'd like to install a closet in each of the north corners.


We'd like the closets to be about 7.5 ft tall at the top and then maybe we'll put some cubbies above them. The closets can be about 2' wide.


I'd like to have a pull out shelf/shoe rack on the bottom and two rows of hanging clothes. I'd like the hanging rods to extend out from inside the closet like one of these extending tie or belt racks. I haven't been able to decide on anything specific for the doors of the closet.


There's a window in between the closets, though not quite evenly spaced between the corners.

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Posted 2012-11-01T23:55:16+0000  by buhrandone buhrandone

No replies? Come on people!

Posted 2012-11-15T00:36:40+0000  by buhrandone

Hey there buhrandone,


Thanks for joining us on the community!~


Sounds like you've got quite a project planned out. Luckily there are already tools in place online to put together what you're looking for, so no need for separate programs.


Both ClosetMaid and MarthaStewart have their own closet design tools available online for you to use and design your own custom closet. You just need your dimensions and a bit of creativity.


However, if that's still not what you're looking for then I would recommend setting up for a free in-home consultation on closeting. You'll have a professional come out to the site and be able to see exactly what you're looking for and you can explain your needs directly to them! You can set up for your appointment on our Appointment Scheduler.

Posted 2012-11-15T17:37:24+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI
Not what you were looking for ? Try posting a question