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Custom Picture Frame.

Here is one of my favorite things to make with my Dremel. Dremel.jpg


                                             Dremel Picture Frame on shelf.jpg


It is fairly easy to do.


All you have to do is print out whatever you’re going to carve into the frame. Make sure it’s the correct size because you’re going to transfer it on to the frame.


Tape it in place and then put a piece of carbon transferring paper under it and trace the entire word/picture. This will leave a pattern on the frame that you will follow with your Dremel.


**Make sure you always wear safety glasses whenever you use power tools.**


I use a flex shaft attachment on my Dremel and I find it makes things a lot easier. My hand doesn’t get as tires since I do not have to hold the weight of the Dremel up.

                                        Flex Shaft Attachment.jpg

Depending how intricate your design is will determine what bit will work best for you. I normally use a Modle#106 or a Model#125 bit to do most of my carvings in wood or plastic.


                 Demel Bit 106.jpgDemel bit 125.jpg

If you have any carbon left on the frame you can use mineral spirits to get it off without harming the wood.

                                              Mineral Spirits.jpg


I find that a smooth softwood frame is the easiest to carve. Frames with a lot of grain will make your bit jump and you will not get a smooth edge. Once you do it for a while it gets easier and you learn how to control it on the harder woods.


So Have fun and take some pictures of your projects and post it here on the community.


                                          Demel Picture Frame.jpg

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Posted 2012-03-07T22:49:16+0000  by Christine_HD_OC Christine_HD_OC