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Custom face plates


After successfully installing my ceiling access panel (thanks to this forum) and pulling the wiring to a low voltage box, I was wondering if anyone has suggestions on DIY custom face plates? I know that Leviton has several options when it comes to custom jacks (HDMI, DVI, VGA, 1/4" TRS, RCA, etc) but to get all of them I would have to dish out quite a bit of money since I would need to have several face plates through-out the room (speakers). Of course, there are some jacks that I would have to get anyway (ie, male to male VGA couplings, etc). So, I was thinking of making custom face plates that I can screw these couplings in without using the expensive custom jacks like keystone. Any ideas? If anything, I'm more concerned about the 1/4" TRS (audio cable) and RCA openings for mics and speakers. Since I have more of those to worry about.



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Posted 2010-11-17T21:38:17+0000  by racer racer

Greetings and welcome back Racer!


I have been faced with this on many occasions in helping friends build out home theater rooms and "Man Caves". I have always purchased blank plates and then drilled, cut or, modified using a nibbling tool to create exactly what was need for the application.


After prepping them I would prime and/or paint them to match the wall color exactly so they do not stand out.


Hope that helps and we would love to see a picture of your completed project.

Posted 2010-11-18T12:54:16+0000  by HD116

I'm interested in this nibbling tool. I tried a text search for it on the HD site, but no luck. Does THD carry this tool?

Posted 2010-11-18T15:25:46+0000  by racer

Hello Racer,

Yes Home Depot does carry a Nibbler tool it’s made Klein Tools. Here is a link to it. (Click here)


Have you thought about making custom face plates out of wood? You would have endless options. I would use ¼” thick and once I got it all cut out I would route out the back in order to countersink a thin piece of sheet metal for support and stability. Home Depot carries many different wood face plates if you wanted to get a visual on what they would look like. (Click here) I hope this helps.


Please post some pictures of your access panel and your face plates once you’re done. I would love to see them.

Posted 2010-11-19T19:39:37+0000  by Christine_HD_OC

Hey Racer, I agree with HD116. Blank faceplates are just a few snips or drills away from being just what the doctor ordered. 


I have to add that when you are buying typical electrical faceplates they are typically sold in two types, basic (styrene) and unbreakable (nylon). I highly suggest you buy the nylon ones as they are much easier to cut and are much less likely to crack. 


Good luck with your project racer! 

Posted 2010-11-23T19:41:32+0000  by BlakeTheDiyGuy
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