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Custom interior Door thickness

Greetings all! I'm in the process of replacing an interior hallway door and had hoped that it was using a standard size door slab. Unfortunately it came out to be 29 11/16" x 80 with a thickness of 1 5/16". I know Millworks can special order a door with a custom width, but can they also do custom thickness?? I know it's only a 16th of an inch difference, but that's all the stop molding will allow, unless I completely remove it from the jamb (which might cheaper to do).
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Posted 2016-09-16T15:57:38+0000  by jzcastillo2016 jzcastillo2016

Hello jzcastillo2016, and welcome to the community!

You have a standard size interior door, 1-3/8" thick. Most manufactures refer to their doors as nominal, meaning 32"x80" isn't always 32"x80" it could actually be 31-3/4" wide. In your case 1-5/16" is considered 1-3/8", so rest assured you don't need a special thickness, just focus on the width and height.


Posted 2016-09-16T16:08:40+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
Thanks! The actual height of the current slab is 79 3/16", but there's a huge gap at the bottom so I'm ok with the full 80" height that's offered. I guess now my only concern is the width @ 29 11/16" which is just a bit outside the recommended trimming of 1/4" from manufacturer. The door slab I was interested in was the 30 x 80 Full Lite Solid Core Primed MDF interior door slab with privacy glass. I went to HD last night and it measured exactly @ 30 and I know the R/O will only allow for 29 15/16". I guess I could just chance it and buy the door to test fit as is and return/special-order if need be.

Posted 2016-09-16T16:17:00+0000  by jzcastillo2016

Hi again jzcastillo2016,

Two things to be aware of, out vendors will not cut down real wood doors or doors that have glass, but they will custom size flush doors with no glass, If you were to trim down the door, that door would have no warranty. So, if you have a saw with a new blade, and you are willing to forgo the warranty, that maybe the only option. Unfortunately, stores do not cut doors due the fact the saws make general rough cuts, and would chip the door horribly.

When fitting a slab door into an existing opening, ideally 1/8" space is a good amount of space, especially when you take door finishing into account, you don't want it snug, there is no concern for weather sealing. Take a chance and go for it, you can always return the door if you haven't cut it.


Posted 2016-09-16T17:50:14+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
Have you measured the width on both sides of the door?  It's pretty common for doors to be cut with a slight bevel on the latch side so they don't bind as they close, so the width of the door on the side of the door closest to the jamb will be slightly smaller than the other side.

Posted 2016-09-16T19:21:32+0000  by Adam444
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