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Custom shower base.

Hey Guys. Pro Hvac guy but rookie remodeler. Done tile work before but never a shower base. Picked up the Home depot book and gave it a go. First layer of cement (portland/sand mix) but didn't pick up on the add sand part and of course the book didn't go into detail. Grrrr. Spread it and sloped it and was actually pretty happy. Until 24hrs later and 50 cracks with a little give at each crack. UGH!! Bust it up and start over with proper mix or is there any other options. Thin layer of polymer based mortar mix over top? Please help!
Thanks, RJ

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Posted 2013-07-19T00:27:27+0000  by RJMitch RJMitch

I'd start over.  


I'm assuming you want to tile.  I'd take a look at Schluter's Kerdi-Shower system.  It's pretty slick and eliminates the whole mortar bed thing.

Posted 2013-07-19T05:53:03+0000  by Adam444

Not true cause you still have to slope the floor!


Posted 2013-07-19T21:07:14+0000  by RJMitch

Hey RJMitch,


I thought I would chime in for some added information. I agree with Adam444 to start out since you have a lot of cracking on your existing bed. I would chisel out and remove what is loose; only you can decide if you can take out a little or the entire thing.


One of the best posts for building a mud bed from scratch is linked below. It is actually the most detailed step-by-step instructions on building a shower floor I've ever read. Check it out by clicking on the image below.





As for the mortar to use, I like using the CustomFloat sold in our tile aisle. It doesn't shrink or crack like other portland cements out there. Click on the bag below for more information and to see if it is available at your local store.

Custom Building Products CustomFloat 50 lb. Bedding Mortar


As for using the Kerdi-Shower system, you actually don't have to slope the floor. The polystyrene tray will give you the slope you need, as long as its over a flat surface. As with the other information, click on the image of it below for more tips on it.



Let me know what options you chose for your floor. I hope you get it resolved with this information. And always, let us know here if you have any further questions.



Posted 2013-07-20T17:14:24+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL



Hopefully Joseph's picture made it clearer but Schluter makes a styrofoam base that's "pre-sloped".  It's part of a complete system they offer and not necessarily cheap.  But it might be easier that playing with mortar.


Of course, the choice is you.


And, no, I don't work for Schluter or represent them in any way. 

Posted 2013-07-21T04:06:08+0000  by Adam444
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