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Cut-out for new sink in old tile vanity top?

I wanted to do a minimal update to a well-used vanity by pulling the existing top-set self-rimmers and enlarging the sink cut-outs for new sinks.  The 9' counter top is 4" ceramic tile of a color I can't find anywhere.  The new sinks will be a rectangular self-rimmers so there would be straight cuts.  Several people have advised that there is very little chance the surrounding tile will survive the cutting. Has anyone has had any luck doing this kind of thing?


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Posted 2011-04-23T00:17:16+0000  by Jaycam Jaycam

Hi there Jaycam and welcome to the community!


Rectangular self rimming sinks? That’s going to look sharp.


Jay I’ve done quite bit of tile and stone cutting years back working for a construction company.

Pretty much for any kind of opening that needed to be cut on the spot we used a small 4" or 4-1/2" grinder with a diamond blade.


Unless your tile it’s in really bad shape and its coming of loose already I’m confident this tool it’s going to work for you. Be advised grinder it’s a “dirty” tool; it picks up a lot of duct and tile particles. Protect yourself with some eye and respiratory protection and also remember to protect non-working areas as well.



Alternative tool to use and to keep the dust down would be a small wet saw. This tool uses a similar if not the same cutting blade but saw itself it’s designed and protected with a GFCI to be used with water.

wet saw.jpg

Once you get the tile and backer board removed you will need to cut the plywood as well. To cut the plywood use a jig saw, don’t use a sawzall or a circular saw; sawzall will put too much vibration on the counter top and with a circular saw you will not be able to cut the corners out.


Quick tip;

If it happens you are “short” on the existing tile you can always get a few large white marble tiles and cut a border that would “frame” the sink opening.


Hope this helps and good luck with your project.



Posted 2011-04-25T14:35:17+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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