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Cut your TV bill & cable

For many people  cutting the connection to their cable tv service is an option. It could also be a good way to save more than $50.00 a month. I am reffering to a rooftop , over the air or o.t.a. antenna. The thought is use the Conversion from Analog TO DIGITAL to your advantage. Itdoes not work every where , but for many people putting up an antenna could yield more than 20 FREE channels of content.

   I have done a little poking around, so far I like, as a place to learn what is happening, what will most likely work, & what other stuff I need to do FREE HIGH DEFINITION TV, over the air. Their Learning Center button will open up a chance to learn more about the who, what , when, where , why, and how  of o.t.a. tv. Adding an internet tv service can fill in a lot of the blanks, there are at least 2 out there.


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Posted 2011-03-09T18:00:11+0000  by elect_answers elect_answers