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Cutting Backer Board

I am installing a new tile backsplash in my kitchen.  When we removed the old tile we took out some of the drywall (the previous owners did not use backer board), we have patched & sanded and are now ready to install the backer board.  We have quite a few face plates to maneuver and are going between windows, so we think we need to do lots of cuts.  How can we cut the backer board into small pieces for small areas and how can we get it around the face plates?  Also what is the thinnest backer board we can get (do they make it in 1/8 inch)?

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Posted 2011-05-01T15:05:19+0000  by stephanie_rene stephanie_rene

Hi Stephanie.


What a fun creative project designing and installing a back splash is.  There are lots of ways to accent your kitchen in this manner.


Backer board usually is available in ½ or ¼ inch thickness.  Cutting it is as simple as drawing a line and cutting it with a strong utility knife.  In the same manner you would cut sheetrock, draw the knife through the surface one time and break the piece backwards.   Finish the cut by pulling the knife upward on the inside of the crease.




 *Holes and middle cuts can be done with jig saw or hole saw – using a cement cutting blade.


Posted 2011-05-01T16:41:23+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

Hey stephanie_rene,


I just wanted to add on an extra comment to the great info that PaintPro has already given you.


To cut the thin backerboard (1/4" is the thinnest as he already stated) consider using a backerboard scoring knife. They work great like a utility knife, but go further in terms of making better, accurate cuts and not dulling out your utility blade. Here is a picture of this product below:






Posted 2011-05-02T14:09:43+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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