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Cutting Drywall

What is a good saw to cut drywall with ?    Thanks !

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Posted 2010-12-28T17:00:44+0000  by Rookie Rookie

It really depends on what you mean by cutting. 


For example, if you are cutting to make a sheet shorter and/or narrower, measure and mark both ends of your cut, and use a straight edge & utility knife to cut the paper on one side.  Then you can snap the board with a little force by "folding" in the opposite direction of the cut.  Make sure there is something solid behind where you want to snap the board, especially if the cut scrap is only a few inches.  Use a utility knife to cut the paper on the opposite side to separate and a rasp to smooth the freshly cut edge.


If you are cutting a hole for electrical, plumbing, etc., then use a keyhole saw or something with larger teeth (I use a reciprocating saw blade that is tapered to a point on one end and a handle made from scrap doweling).  Home Depot caries hand saws for this specific purpose.

Posted 2010-12-28T17:58:32+0000  by GrueMaster



He's right, depends on the job. Sometimes I will use a RotoZip blade chucked into a cordless drill, although they can be a little hard to control.


Any more info on the project?



Posted 2010-12-28T21:26:26+0000  by Duncan

Don't forget the Rigid Multi Tool.........

Posted 2010-12-29T05:14:11+0000  by peteinthepickup
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