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Cutting Metal On BBQ

I have a gas BBQ grill that is slightly large for my space, so I would like to remove an attached platform to the side of the grilling surface. The problem is, the metal support brace is a single piece which runs the length of the grill and attached platform.  What tool would be appropriate for cutting that brace?  It is a single piece of metal which bends at a right angle and is probably 1/16 of an inch thick.
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Posted 2016-05-10T18:55:04+0000  by CFost CFost
Let's try that again.

The cheapest, simplest tool would be a good old hacksaw with about18 tooth per inch blade.  It will take a little effort but not more than five minutes.

If you want to go the power tool route (or want an excuse to buy a power tool).  You could use a reciprocating saw or a grinder with a cut off wheel.  Especially with a grinder, eye protection is a must.  Hearing protection is a good idea too.


Best Answer

Posted 2016-05-11T00:56:45+0000  by Adam444
The cheapest tool would be a hacksaw.

Posted 2016-05-11T00:52:29+0000  by Adam444
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