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Cutting a 1x2 off of a wall and straightening a crooked shelf cut

Hi everyone,


I'm certainly not the most handy when it comes to, well, handy things...  But I AM trying.  I moved into a new house and cut a piece of custom handmade (I believe) shelving away to make room to install an over the range microwave and I have 2 issues.  Thanks in advance for any help provided!


1.) I still have a section of 1x2 to remove off of the wall directly under the shelf so the microwave can be installed up against the wall and I don't have to add a 1x2 to balance out the bottom.  I don't even know where to begin or what tool would be best for such a cut.  Section needing to be removed is between the 2 arrows:





2.) I made a cut off of the shelf which will be adjacent to the microwave on the right hand side looking at the wall with a jig saw and its not the straightest cut.  Hoping for advice on how to straighten that out, maybe use some sort of make shift guide for cutting straight, but I don't really know how in this type of scenario where I am cutting something attached to the wall with limited space and access.  Cut is in the red box (also seen to the right in the image above):



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Posted 2013-03-21T23:20:18+0000  by amosher13 amosher13

HI amosher13,


The 1x2 that's left on the wall could also be supporting the cabinet above it. I would make sure that cabinet is secured to the wall studs before you attempt to cut it.

I would use this tool equipped with wood blade to make the cuts on the shelf and on the 1x2.


RIDGID JobMax 3-Amp Multi Tool Starter Kit




Trick is to hold the tool at 90 degrees when making cuts … hold it tight and don’t try to force it to cut faster. Design of the tool and the blade will allow you to get close to the wall.

Once it's cut  you can use this Palm Sander to smooth it out.




Hope this helps and please do not hesitate to post back with any additional questions you may have.




Posted 2013-03-25T18:07:25+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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