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Cutting crown moulding flat with miter saw

Hi everyone, I have a compound miter saw and am trying tout 5" crown moulding but my fence is too shallow causing the sato to not fully come down. Saw online a way of cutting it flat on the table.


please let me know how this is done and is there a certain degree for the bevel?


thank you,


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Posted 2012-10-28T22:22:25+0000  by MJnWayne MJnWayne

Yes, there's a certain angle to cut it at. Two actually. It all depends on the spring angle of the crown molding (that's the angle it comes out from the wall) and the angle of your corner.


I recommend this book and the True Measure angle tool:" style="width:120px;height:240px;" scrolling="no" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" frameborder="0">


Why measure the angle of the corners? Because they're not square. I wrote about that in my blog a few weeks ago:


Best tip for cutting crown: Make a set of templates to help you get the setup right. If your saw only tilts one-way like mine, cutting crown can get very confusing. The templates will help you remember the right way to set up for a particular cut and give you practice.


Another tip: Cut long and shave down. Yes, that will take repeated trips but better that than "Oops, I cut it too short!"


Best wishes.


Posted 2012-10-29T12:03:47+0000  by js_

I have tried many different methods for cutting crown and trim molding..Many just left me frustrated.


I concluded that there are certain techniques used by professional that are valuable to the novice as well.  

Crown molding can't be cut laying flat - it has to be at an angle in order to get the proper miter cut.


Below is one of our video's that helped me with a recent crown molding installation project I had.

Posted 2012-10-29T14:04:30+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

I've just read the above comment about how crown moulding can't be cut on the flat. WRONG!!!!! it is so freakin easy to cut on the flat, in fact this is how I teach people who have not done this before. No need to try to remember how to cut it "nested" I do this but I sure didn't when I started out.


Measure your corner, let's assume that it's actually 90 degrees. Spring angle is 45 degrees (the angle that the crown sits on the wall) Enter this number into your construction master pro calculator, or buldcalc app. Barring that there are sites on the 'net that will calculate this for you. OR use a chart.


For 90 deg. miter is 35.26 deg, bevel is 30 deg. So easy!


If you can cut "nested" (upside down and backward) use this formula: 180- measured angle=true angle/2.


So 180-90=90 divided by 2 is 45, set your saw to 45.


What happens if your wall angle is 94 degrees? easy.


180-94=86. divid 86 by 2 = 43. Set your saw to 43 degrees and you will be dead on.


Same for angles greater than 90. Lets say you have an 88 degree corner.


180-88=92. diviide 92 by 2 and you get 46. Set your saw to 46 degrees and cut! dead on.


coping is the way to go but there is a learning curve. It makes a corner that you do not have to use any filler on.



Posted 2013-09-21T00:19:07+0000  by MrMac204
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