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Project Ideas: Seasonal & Holiday

DIY Burlap Woodland Tree Window Garland

Make this simply sweet, burlap and twine window garland for a natural, elegantly rustic, holiday window dressing.

Gather materials:

I ¼ yards Burlap, fabric stiffener, half inch wooden dowels, sanding sponge, paint, paint brushes, scotch tape, jute twine, ¼ yard coordinating fabric, * Optional-wooden beads, small pine cones or ornament

Tools Needed:

Drill, scissors, tape measure, glue gun


Step 1: Coat the burlap and a companion fabric with fabric stiffener, allow to fully dry it will take at least I hour, maybe more.

* using a couple of clothespins, hang the treated fabric to dry thoroughly 

Step 2: Cut dowels into 8 inch pieces, sand the rough ends

Step 3: Measure down 1 inch from end of dowel and drill a hole through for the twine to string through.

Step 4: Once again sand any rough edges, and around the drill hole then paint the dowels. Allow dry time.

Step 5: Draw a 6-inch-long Christmas tree silhouette pattern on a piece paper, then cut it out.

Step 6: Pin the tree pattern to burlap and cut out eight tree silhouettes, also cut 4 trees out of the companion fabric as well.

Step 7: With the hot glue gun, add three dots to the dowel, leaving 1 inch down and 1 inch up free, basically center the tree so that there is a 1-inch tree trunk, and an inch above the tree to run the string freely through. Do this to all the dowels.

Step 8: Fold all the rest of the trees right down the middle, then glue a folded tree, on the crease, to the center of a doweled tree.

Step 9: Measure and cut 5.5 feet of twine, tie a knot at about 18 inches from one end, at the other end take a small piece of scotch tape and bind the end; like a shoe-lace end. Windows are many sizes, you decide on the width of the twine, just make sure you allow enough for the garland to have draping effect.

Step 10: Lace the first tree onto the string, run it down to the knot at the other end, then tie another knot on the other side of the tree to keep it in place.

Step 11: Measure and make another knot 8 inches from the last tree knot, and continue the sequence center the coordinating fabric in the line of trees.

Step 12: Finish the garland off by tying and hanging 15 inch strands of twine, ends knotted, in the center between the trees, cut scraps of the coordinating fabric to form knotted ties for a bit of fabric color at the ends of garland. You should finish with about 18 inches of twine at the ends for attaching to curtain rod.

*I found a mason jar filled with great red beads at an antique store and added them to the dangling pieces of twine, I think it was the perfect finishing touch! You could glue pine cones or tiny ornament just to add that “one more thing” …. use your imagination!


Step 13: Finish by simply tying the end of the garland to the end of curtain rod, allow it to drape a bit.


This projects has many steps, the drying time consume a bit of time. I suggest treating the fabric the day before you plan on cutting out your trees, also paint the dowels a day ahead too. It is a fun project, and besides the drilling, and guidance with the glue gun, children would love helping, and putting the garland together.

Take the time to create family holiday decorations, each year when they are unwrapped and hung, the memories of time spent making them will be recalled and cherished….it is all about the time during the holidays…... time spent together.

Create wonderful, festive, memories…...enjoy every moment!    Maureen






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