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Project Ideas: Outdoor Living

DIY Button Wind Chime

Howdy “do it yourselfers”. Making stuff is especially rewarding as it seems to be part of who we are. Sometimes these projects are more difficult than we want them to be or too time consuming. Well the “Do it yourself Button Wind Chime” is easy, fun, and rewarding. So let’s see what you’ll need to get started for this simple project.





You will need; hanging wire or string, wooden rosette, and 5 screw eyelets.

Lastly you need of 2 foot x ½ inch piece of copper piping.





First you’ll need; beads, buttons, broken key rings, seashells, or whatever else is floating around in your “junk drawer”. I threaded these up with some hanging wire.





Start by threading the screw eyelets into the rosette. Remember that you need it to be somewhat balanced to get a level looking chime.





Now we make some knots to attach them to the screw eyelets.







I evenly spaced my eyelets to make everything look and sound as best as can be.








Finally we knot some hanging wire and finished our wind chime is ready to hang.






How fun was that? So when you make yours go ahead and post some photos.





Happy Chiming,

Coach Dave

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Posted 2016-04-22T00:31:56+0000  by Dave_HD_OC Dave_HD_OC